Soccer Rally 2 Lets You Play Soccer with Cars

There are tons of soccer mobile games out there but all are very traditional when it comes to the sport. Soccer Rally 2 by IceFlame takes the concept of soccer and turns it upside down. Because in Soccer Rally 2 you play soccer..but with cars! That is right, Soccer Rally 2 is a crazy mix between car racing and soccer.

In Soccer Rally 2 you get to drive a total of nine different cars that span different car “leagues”. These different cars are also customizable and have different performance standards. Gameplay of Soccer Rally 2 is more than just simple soccer matches. In addition to your typical tournament style matches there are Multiball, Ball Sorter, Cannon Defence and Time Attack game modes. In total there are 20 different tournaments to play through with different balls each time. As for the other modes there are over 90 levels in total. If you want to play some multiplayer, Soccer Rally 2 offers same device two player multiplayer. Overall, Soccer Rally 2 takes the generic soccer concept and makes it interesting again.

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