Forget About Football or Soccer, Check out Rugby Kicks 2

I feel that the majority of sports video games both for mobile and console focus on the “big” name sports. Soccer, football, basketball, etc. Tons of different publishers put out tons of different (yet very similar) games dealing with each of these sports and leave lesser known or played sports out. Well, Distinctive Wireless is not about that and just put out Rugby Kicks 2 which focuses on rugby. While rugby is a rather popular sport in real life I don’t feel it gets much video game attention.

If you are a fan of rugby then Rugby Kicks 2 is the game for you. There are tons of tournament styled game modes in which you can do the Pacific Cup, 6 Nations, Americas Cup and 4 Nations cups. Gameplay is simple to play and focuses a lot of basic flick mechanics. These include some more skill based type challenges where you have to aim your kicks or land somewhere specific. Even better is that Rugby Kicks 2 uses the Phoenix engine for perfect graphics. As for the actual game mechanics, they are being lauded as real “ruby approved”. Overall if you like rugby and are looking for a video game rugby game then look no further than Rugby Kicks 2.

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