Put Your Skills to the Test in Ping Pong Masters

Think you’re good at video game ping pong? If so then check out Ping Pong Masters by Clapfoot to see if you really are a pro. Ping Pong Masters is really your one stop shop for all things ping pong. Play in tournaments, single brackets, customize your paddles, etc. It really has it all!

Specifically there are over 90 levels of ping pong excellence in Ping Pong Masters that play out across multiple tournaments. There are also 30 ping pong “masters” that you get to challenge through these tournaments. Aside from tournaments you can play quick mode and career mode. In a bit of fun and less realism, in Ping Pong Masters you can use special powers to really own your opponents. Another nice addition to Ping Pong Masters is that there are plenty of collectible paddles to find and earn as well as plenty of achievements. Gameplay is simple and all touchscreen based really giving a fluid feel to it all. If you like ping pong then do yourself a favor and check out Ping Pong Masters.

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