Real Racing 3 Introduces New Content to Stay Ahead

In racing it is all about being ahead and being in first place. With the amount of car racing games, even the niche ones, the competition can get pretty heavy. It seems this is the case for the new updates for FireMonkeys and EA’s racing game, Real Racing 3 as a new rival game (2K Drive) just got released. The new content in Real Racing 3 is nothing to scoff at either.

The biggest new content introduction is perhaps the addition of seven new Porsche cars…well seven generations of the Porsche 911. This new fleet of Porsche cars vary with how you unlock and purchase them as some use in game gold and others use cash. There is also a new racing series added called “50 Years of 911 Series” and you need to get 15 trophies to unlock it. Last but not least is a new feature in Real Racing 3 called VIP Service. This VIP Service is a one time in-app purchase where you mark a car as a VIP and get it instantly delivered and all upgrades for it. This new content for Real Racing 3 is out now on iOS and Android.

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top racer!

one of the best racers on the market! love the graphics, cars, gameplay and replayability!

Posted by bugatti 10 years ago

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