Tap Till Your Fingers Fall Off; Widget RPG Out Now

Lately there has been a trend of stripped down RPGs where the game does most everything for you and you just click or tap things to progress the game. For instance Cookie Clicker, Clicking Bad, etc. Developer ru3ch initiative  has created a new click based RPG called Widget RPG that rivals those top tier click RPGs and is just as addicting.

In Widget RPG you start out as a regular Joe with basic clothes and a rake for a weapon. You have various stats such as health, attack, defense, luck, etc. of which they all start out at 1 to begin with. To progress and level up in Widget RPG you simply have to tap the widget. So yes, this does require putting a widget on your Android device’s homescreen which seems a little unnecessary but I guess it is in the title. And that is all there really is to Widget RPG. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, etc. As you level up you can distribute points to your stats and you also find loot which you can equip. At its core, Widget RPG is extremely simple but it is that simplicity and the humor of it all that makes Widget RPG something to keep going back to…or tapping.

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