Smash Bandits Racing; Chaos At Its Best

Now this is a racing game I can really get behind. Smash Bandits Racing by Hutch Games takes the general racing game concept and makes it so much more chaotic, fun and intense. Actual racing takes a backseat to outrunning cops, smashing everything in your way and just being a typical bandit. Named one of TouchArcade’s top 10 games for 2013, Smash Bandits Racing finally comes to Android.

Gameplay is amazing in Smash Bandits Racing. In your typical races you’ll easily gain the attention of cops looking to arrest you for being a speed demon. This can lead to some awesome explosions and such while you try to get away. Outrun them better with some upgrades to your car. Another interesting aspect to Smash Bandits Racing is that there are multiple paths so it is sort of free roam. This is combined with destructible elements in the game that get smashed in glorious fashion. There are also a lot of little interesting things to Smash Bandits Racing such as having a TV helicopter follow your chase which gains TV rankings earning you money and being able to put on special boosts before each race. Controls are super easy and involve mainly one finger. You can’t miss out on this hit game. Download Smash Bandits Racing now!

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