Dead Trigger 2 Update Gives More Power to the Slayers with Gameplay Balances and Bug Fixes

Madfinger Games’ blockbuster hit Dead Trigger 2 has just received a major update, one that’s sure to send all zombie-ass kicking fans into a frenzy. The latest update primarily aims to bring balanced and fair play and give players a better chance to tackle those awfully tough-to-kill zombies. Major balancing changes include lowering Kamikadze’s explosion damage, lowering the aiming capability of the Vomitron,  decreasing the HP of the Berserker, as well as adjusting some of the missions to make them not so terrifyingly difficult.

Additionally, the update also includes bug fixes for Samsung S III and S IV crashes and issues with broken fonts. Certain items that should have showed up in inventory but didn’t and others which were visible but didn’t have to be are also fixed. Also, the pain-killer upgrade has been fixed and should work as intended now.

Here’s a quick list of the big enhancements and bug fixes.

Gameplay Balancing

  • Kamikadze – Decrease Damage done by explosion
  • Vomitron – Lowered aiming capability
  • Berserker – Decrease HP
  • ScientFist – Balanced radioactivity damage
  • Zombies difficulty was rebalanced
  • Several missions were rebalanced
  • Inverted y-axis added

Bug Fixes

  • Samsung S III and S IV crashes fixed
  • Broken fonts fixed
  • Produced chain-saw is visible in Inventory
  • Inactive boosters are not visible anymore
  • Pain-Killer upgrade works correctly

If you already have Dead Trigger 2 on your Android, just go ahead and download the update. If you are still debating picking up the game, you can do so now as the game has just become a lot less difficult to beat.

User Reviews

A perfect FPS

Great UI, HUD, high-quality graphics, fast-paced gunplay, massive zombie carnage action and a solid AI brings so much fun and makes this game my favorite FPS! It does have a bit irritating IAP and pricey…

Posted by JustMe 11 years ago

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