Dead Trigger 2 Finally Shoots onto Android!

About a month ago it was announced from MadFinger Games that Dead Trigger 2, the highly anticipated sequel to their popular zombie FPS, was coming to Android on October 23rd. If you glance at your calendar you’ll see that today is October 23rd and therefore Dead Trigger 2 is officially out now on Android! There has been tons of hype for Dead Trigger 2 and now we get to see if it will live up to it. My guess is that it will as early reports from the iOS version (released almost an hour before Android for some reason) already are praising it as another graphical powerhouse.

This time around in Dead Trigger 2 there is more emphasis on an actual storyline rather than just pure zombie killing carnage which I think looks and sounds awesome and shows the game maturing. The singleplayer campaign mode has an element of MMO in it which is very interesting. Basically, there is real time story development where you listen in on radios and can listen to the state of the city which is influenced by every single player’s actions. In the campaign you’ll have a variety of different missions ranging from story, global and side-quest missions.   In this singleplayer campaign there are also huge boss battles to keep you attention. These boss battles require some brain instead of brawn which again I think is a great step forward for the Dead Trigger series. In addition to new boss zombies and new zombie mutations in general, the upgrade system in Dead Trigger 2 is much better as well. Weapons are unlocked with the help of NPCs ranging from engineers, medics, scientists and more.

Again, graphically Dead Trigger 2 hit the nail on the head and is a forerunner in the department. There are real time water reflections, dynamic vegetation, and enhanced ragdoll physics. Location setting wise Dead Trigger 2 is pretty varied and it shows off the graphical capabilities quite well. In general it seems Dead Trigger 2 is a huge upgrade from the original game and if you were a fan back then this is a must download. Dead Trigger 2 is free-to-play which has raised some flags but we’ll see how it is implemented and comment on that in our own review later on. Also worth mentioning is that MadFinger plans to add some sort of multiplayer mode later on which could turn Dead Trigger 2 into a must download.

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A perfect FPS

Great UI, HUD, high-quality graphics, fast-paced gunplay, massive zombie carnage action and a solid AI brings so much fun and makes this game my favorite FPS! It does have a bit irritating IAP and pricey…

Posted by JustMe 11 years ago

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