news · 4 years ago

Impressive Racer INDY 500 Arcade Racing Smashes on to Google Play

This time around, they have focused their efforts on a different genre, racing, and the fruits of their efforts can be seen in their newest launch, INDY 500 Arcade Racing.

news · 4 years ago

Crescent Moon Games Brings God SIM Topia World Builder to Android

Crescent Moon Games, makers of Mines of Mars, have just released their world building SIM on Android that lets you do just that: create and destroy the universe as you see fit.

news · 4 years ago

Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG The Witcher Slated to Land on Android this Winter

The Witcher Battle Arena is the name of the game and it’s a fast paced MOBA game that is set in the Witcher universe.

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    news · 2 days ago

    Is That App Safe? Here’s How to Be Sure

    Is your smart phone vulnerable to malware? Yes, it is.

      news · 3 months ago

      Google Play’s Paysafecard Partnership and the Rise of Alternative Payment Methods

      We are hugely fortunate to have a host of different payment options available to use when it comes to buying apps or games for our Android devices.

        news · 3 months ago

        A look at the best Android apps for eSports

        The eSports phenomenon is growing, and that growth is only just beginning. ESPN and BBC are starting to take an interest, but it is online streaming that is the lifeblood of eSports.

          news · 4 months ago

          4 Great Casino Games that You Can Play on Android

          Casinos have enjoyed an interesting evolution.

            news · 4 months ago

            Why Android’s Yearly OS Updates are Better for Business

            Android devices have often faced criticism for the device manufacturers exercising control over who gets the updated versions of the Operating System.

              news · 4 months ago

              5 Ways to Sate Your Competitive Spirit in the Online Environment

              Having too much free time to spend on leisure activities can sometimes prove to be more of a curse than a blessing, especially if reading a book or watching a movie is not engaging enough for you.

                news · 4 months ago

                Less Than A Month To Go: The Apps You Need For The World Cup

                The World Cup is now a matter of weeks away. Squads have been announced, bets have been made and football shirts across the world are starting to get ironed, hidden away for the last four years.

                  news · 4 months ago

                  Mobile Security: Hackers and VPNs

                  In 2018, we are just beginning to understand the full impact of cyber warfare on our lives.

                    news · 5 months ago

                    Can Android Go Change the Budget Market?

                    Google’s Android Go has been in the news with its claims to launch affordable smartphones in the market.

                      news · 5 months ago

                      Will Mobile Games Overcome Desktop Gaming?

                      Every player is confronted with two options once they hit an online casino; whether to download the casino software or whether to play the game online.

                        news · 5 months ago

                        Say Hello to a Better Way to Pay, by Google

                        Today’s technologies provide multiple online casino options that too with an ease of surfing online on the go.

                          news · 5 months ago

                          Fun Activities for Gamers

                          This article details a few ideas for activities that will appeal to the passions of gaming fans and their friends, creating new memories outside of the normative gaming world.

                            news · 6 months ago

                            Tech for the Best Mobile Sports Viewing and Video Gaming Experience

                            As the 2018 Major League Baseball season kicks off with the earliest Opening Day ever, sports fans have access to more mobile viewing options than ever.

                              news · 6 months ago

                              Are Smartphones Good at Gamble Games?

                              Some time ago, the online casinos that were made for PC were the competitor of the regular casinos.

                                news · 6 months ago

                                How to Update Your Android?

                                Any smartphone or tablet running on an Android operating system gets recent updates from the Settings menu, if they are available, of course.

                                  news · 6 months ago

                                  What are the best Android smartphones for 2018’s gamer generation?

                                  It seems a long time since our trusty mobile handsets were predominantly used for making phone calls.

                                    news · 7 months ago

                                    Play Ball Should be Changed to Play War

                                    Of the many games online for free that you can play, the overwhelming majority are war games.

                                      news · 8 months ago

                                      The Best Android Smartphones for Everyone

                                      If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, you must be confused about whether to go for an iPhone or Android.

                                        news · 8 months ago

                                        New 2018 Games at Google Play

                                        New Google Play games offer hours of entertaining relaxation that Android device users can enjoy on their mobile tablets and phones.

                                          news · 8 months ago

                                          Top 5 Best Android Games of 2017

                                          The year 2017 brought Android users some of the most advanced and exciting video games ever created for mobile. Prepare for the 5 best RTS releases for Android from last year!

                                            news · 8 months ago

                                            Advantages of Playing Casino Games on Android Phones

                                            If you are a gaming enthusiast, you might agree how the Android platform has made casino games on various mobile devices so easy and convenient.

                                              news · 9 months ago

                                              Top 5 Casino apps for Android (2018)

                                              2017 was a breakthrough year for casino apps on the Android platform, as Google relaxed its rules on publishing such material on their Play store.

                                                news · 9 months ago

                                                Apps to make anyone a success as a Forex trader

                                                Over the past few years, it seems like everyone has suddenly become an amateur Forex trader.

                                                  news · 9 months ago

                                                  Here’s When Android 8.0 Oreo Is Coming to Your Current Phone

                                                  In our age where we need technical help with whatever work we do, we already seem to have indirectly or automatically embraced the latest technical innovations.

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