Impressive Racer INDY 500 Arcade Racing Smashes on to Google Play

This time around, they have focused their efforts on a different genre, racing, and the fruits of their efforts can be seen in their newest launch, INDY 500 Arcade Racing.


Crescent Moon Games Brings God SIM Topia World Builder to Android

Crescent Moon Games, makers of Mines of Mars, have just released their world building SIM on Android that lets you do just that: create and destroy the universe as you see fit.


Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG The Witcher Slated to Land on Android this Winter

The Witcher Battle Arena is the name of the game and it’s a fast paced MOBA game that is set in the Witcher universe.

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    The Most popular mobile games of 2019

    The technological world is expanding with every passing day and with it, the amount of games apps that you can download on your mobile.

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      The Best new mobile games for this week

      Which apps do you have on your phone? We are sure you’ve Twitter on your phone.

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        Best iPhone Apps Available This October 2019

        There’s no denying the fact that Apple’s iPhone is probably the most popular smartphone in the whole world.

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          Top Tips to Win Big On Football Bets in 2019

          These days, nothing can be trendier than betting on sports. The UK is one of the countries where an average amount of £626 is being bet at any given second.

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            A Watchful Eye in the Digital Age

            Our environment is constantly changing. One of the key properties of the digital age is the speed of that change. In a few decades, we moved from carrying change so we can use a payphone and arranging group activities days before, to a brave new world of the digital information and instant communication – thank […]

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              Before You Bet: Learn About Sports Betting

              There is always a part of us that lives for the thrill of our lives. Taking risks has always been one of humanity’s strongest desires and it has been there ever since our existences.

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                The Rise of Online Gambling Apps

                The internet has changed just about everything about our everyday lives.

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                  Varieties in Online Casino Games

                  When you first venture into the world of online casinos, it can be a bit daunting.

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                    Why iPhone 7 is the Best for Gaming

                    We all love playing games on our mobile phones whenever we get some free time.

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                      Android VS iOS: Comparison Essay

                      Technologies are all around us, and we often take them for granted.

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                        Roulette Terminology

                        The French casino game of Roulette is one of the most popular at any casino.

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                          The History of the Casino Chips

                          Casino chips are an iconic item when playing poker and other games in casinos.

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                            What are the best Android gambling apps?

                            There are thousands of gambling apps out there on mobile, including betway88 gaming, which personally is our favorite.

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                              What to Expect from Call of Duty: Mobile

                              In July 2019, Tencent Games released the beta version of Call of Duty: Mobile in select countries.

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                                Check Out These Almost Forgotten Android Q Features

                                We’re heading into the final week before Google releases Android Q, the tenth major release of its all-conquering mobile platform.

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                                  Your Guide to Different Types of Online Casino Games

                                  One of the biggest advantages of the online casinos over land-based casinos is the sheer variety of games they offer.

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                                    How To Keep your phone Safe

                                    Because of technological advancements, all of us have smartphones now.

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                                      4 Apps to Change Your Life This Summer

                                      The vast majority of us have at least one habit which we’d like to kick, but there’s always tomorrow right?

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                                        The 10 Best Android Apps For Travelling

                                        It’s easy to get excited about a holiday; it’s a well-deserved break away that allows you to relax and enjoy yourself.

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                                          How to lock down your Android phone

                                          All mobile phones have limitations when it comes to privacy and security, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to improve the situation.

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                                            Simple Ways to Recover Android Files from Your Mac

                                            Android operating systems are one of the most widely used options on smartphones and devices around the world.

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                                              The Top PC Games of All Time You Need to Try!

                                              PC games are way better than consoles. If you are a lover of PC, then I am sure you agree with that statement.

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                                                4 New Casino Games That Are Perfect for Mobile

                                                Not all desktop casino games translate to perfect the playing experience on mobile, nor is the reverse necessarily true.

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                                                  Tips and Tricks for Mobile Blackjack

                                                  There are certainly plenty of different Blackjack variants out there, and you can play many of them on your mobile while you are out and about.

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