Impressive Racer INDY 500 Arcade Racing Smashes on to Google Play

This time around, they have focused their efforts on a different genre, racing, and the fruits of their efforts can be seen in their newest launch, INDY 500 Arcade Racing.


Crescent Moon Games Brings God SIM Topia World Builder to Android

Crescent Moon Games, makers of Mines of Mars, have just released their world building SIM on Android that lets you do just that: create and destroy the universe as you see fit.


Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG The Witcher Slated to Land on Android this Winter

The Witcher Battle Arena is the name of the game and it’s a fast paced MOBA game that is set in the Witcher universe.

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    news · 2 days ago

    Around the World in 5 Android Games

    The beauty of online gaming these days is that there are so many options. There are racing games, puzzles, roleplay, action, adventure and many more.

      news · 5 days ago

      Best Android-Friendly Casino Apps

      Over the past few years, a lot of people have migrated to mobile gaming. This is because it is convenient as it allows you to play games from anywhere, at any given time.

        news · 5 days ago

        iPhone Flaws

        The iPhone is one of the greatest phones of all time, we won’t even start to argue with that fact.

          news · 3 weeks ago

          All the Reasons You Should Choose Android Over iPhone

          Since both iOS and Android became known to society, there has been a debate about which one is better and why.

            news · 1 month ago

            Why you should consider a VPN for android

            VPN stands for virtual private network, providing a secure internet connection through the use of private servers from a wide variety of different remote locations.

              news · 2 months ago

              How Android Has Become the Platform of Lotteries

              Google has a strict policy against gambling apps, stating that no application can allow users to wager money.

                news · 2 months ago

                How to Make the Most of Casino Apps on Android

                If you’re a fan of online casinos and sportsbooks, you may have realized your favorite online gambling venues are not on Google’s Play Store.

                  news · 2 months ago

                  Randomness and Payouts in Slot Machines

                  All casino slots have their specific payout ratio or, as it is also called, the percentage of return, which is about 93-98%.

                    news · 2 months ago

                    Boom Bucks – Best Online Slot with Bonus Rounds

                    The world of modern online casinos offers the player a variety of opportunities not only to try your luck but also to have fun by playing any free slot games with bonus rounds no download no registration.

                      news · 3 months ago

                      Newest Android Casino Games Apps

                      No wonder online casino games are becoming one of the top entertainment forms nowadays.

                        news · 4 months ago

                        Revolutionising society with these devices

                        The technological world has expanded to such a degree that almost anything is possible.

                          news · 4 months ago

                          A better understanding of Casino Utan Spelpaus Licens

                          A great way to start with your planning and booking of a trip to one of the famous casinos while on your vacation is by doing a lot of reading.

                            news · 4 months ago

                            Top Gadgets For VR

                            VR is one of the best inventions of mankind. There is so much that we can do it. And to be able top get the best out of it, you need specific gadgets.

                              news · 4 months ago

                              The Real Reasons to choose iPhone over Android

                              There are so many benefits that the Apple iPhone offer over Android.

                                news · 4 months ago

                                Top Tips for Buying the Best Smartphone Today

                                The uniqueness of calling someone using your mobile phone, anywhere you are has become a new trend.

                                  news · 4 months ago

                                  Is Sports Betting on Android Legal?

                                  Mobile technology and smartphones have had a profound effect across numerous industries and transformed many of them.

                                    news · 4 months ago

                                    Everything You Need to Know About Online Casinos on Android

                                    Billions of people around the world use Android, which is now the most popular operating system globally.

                                      news · 4 months ago

                                      Types of Casinos Apps on Android

                                      Casino applications are becoming more common on Android, with most of the leading online casinos now available on the Google Play store.

                                        news · 5 months ago

                                        If you are a gamer, look no further than the Samsung S20

                                        It seems as though the technological world is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

                                          news · 5 months ago

                                          Live streaming fans and gamers should sit up and take note with these Android phones

                                          As technology expands exponentially, mobile phones are no longer just a contact hub, they can also perform the function of consoles.

                                            news · 5 months ago

                                            Gambling Apps Offer Punters the Ultimate Betting Convenience

                                            A bet anything more than a couple of decades ago meant one thing, a trip to your local betting shop to put it on.

                                              news · 6 months ago

                                              Get your gaming head on with these five Android mobiles

                                              Technology has come a long way in recent years, and the expansion of smartphones has transformed how games can be played on a portable device.

                                                news · 8 months ago

                                                Great Mobile Games to Try Out

                                                Mobile phones’ performances are off the charts these days. The top-notch companies have made it possible to play games with graphics that are even better than some computer games.

                                                  news · 9 months ago

                                                  The Most popular mobile games of 2019

                                                  The technological world is expanding with every passing day and with it, the amount of games apps that you can download on your mobile.

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