Toy Rush – Cross-Genre Cuteness Overload Strategic Deployment Tower Defense

That’s the shortest description possible for Toy Rush. It’s a tower defense AND offense game, combining card collecting and strategic unit deployment, with multiplayer support, cool 3D battlegrounds and cute plush soldiers. We can expect Android and iOS versions later this year.

We won’t give you much detail because we don’t want to spoil that wonderful “explorer” feel every gamer cherishes but we will give you main hints.

Units – there are many toys but these ones are mine… You will have at your disposal 3 types of units (toys), plush, plastic and robotic, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy – you will need it. If you send your plush hero and it steps onto bubblegum on it’s path, it will make it much easier a job for enemy turrets. Plan accordingly.

Cards – in multiplayer mode you will choose a handful of toys (among the ones you collected) that you will deploy according to mentioned specifics. Toys also have special abilities, like healing and such.

Bottom line is that Toy Rush will be a very cute and funny game, we guess that casual gamers, including kids and girls will have a blast with it but we have seen hard-core Battlefield and Counter strike players went full “woozy doozy” after just minutes with the game.

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