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Best Tower Defense Games

Once more unto the breach, once more! Is your castle constantly besieged?

news · 10 years ago

The Great Prank War is CN’s Game Tie-in of the Regular Show

The backdrop of the game’s story lies in rival East Pines park manager Gene using a time machine to go back in history and take over the park so that he can win the Great Prank War.

news · 10 years ago

Supercell’s Boom Beach Hits the Shores of Select Google Play Stores

In Boom Beach you have a home base with its headquarters which you have to defend using towers, mortars, and cannons.

news · 10 years ago

Pit your Tower Defense Skills Against Evil Mutants in Prime World: Defenders on Android

Russian game developers Nival’s popular PC game has landed on Android. Its called Prime World: Defenders…

news · 10 years ago

OTTTD is Probably the Craziest Tower Defense Game You’ll Ever Play on Android

Tower defense games are fun but let’s accept it. There’s not much going on in that genre that makes you sit up and take notice anymore.

news · 10 years ago

Chillingo Brings Steampunk Tower to Mobile

The story behind Steampunk Tower is that you control an immense steampunk tower for Lord Bingham and you are defending his Eherium Mine.

news · 10 years ago

Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi; Bringing Futuristic Action

In Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi you are tasked with defending your planet from alien forces.

news · 10 years ago

Zen Studio’s CastleStorm – Free to Siege Lands on Android

The game features maps with castles on either side of the screen that are armed with ballistas.

news · 10 years ago

Metal Slug Gets a Tower Defense Makeover as Metal Slug Defense for Android

Having enjoyed the thrills and spills of taking down a large number of enemies with a single powerful weapon, it takes a bit of getting used to seeing Metal Slug a tower defense game.

news · 10 years ago

Disney’s Gravity Falls Cartoon Gets an Android Tie-in called Mystery Shack Attack

Mystery Shack Attack is based on Disney’s popular cartoon series Gravity Falls, but for anyone who hasn’t followed the show, don’t worry, you won’t feel left out.

news · 10 years ago

Treehouse Plants a Beta of its Action RTS Game Dethroned on Google Play

If you love action RTS games, Treehouse’s Dethroned should be marked up on your list of downloads for the day.

news · 10 years ago

A Retro Tower Defense Game; Defend your Crypt

The story behind Defend your Crypt is you are a god…a powerful one that has been forgotten.

news · 10 years ago

ikoid’s Bundle #10 Brings 4 Great Indie Games for Just Under $1.50

Got a long Easter weekend off with no big plans? Time then, to go bargain hunting for some Android games to play through the weekend.

review · 10 years ago

Royal Revolt 2 - Royally Revolting IAP

Unfortunately Royal Revolt 2 is littered with this bait and hook in-app-purchases blanketing what otherwise could be a great game.

news · 10 years ago

Larva Heroes: Lavengers 2014 is a Defense Game Involving Sausage Loving Larvae

Larva Heroes: Lavengers 2014 from South Korean developers Mr. Games is a hilarious and unfailingly addictive defense game…

news · 10 years ago

Play the Lute and Save the Town in an Action RPG with a Twist, Bardbarian

In this game, you play Brad, the barbarian who has turned sick of his boisterous ways and wants to simply chill out with his new toy, a heavy metal lute.

news · 10 years ago

Royal Revolt 2 Arrives on Android Promising Double the Fun and Entertainment

Royal Revolt 2 promises to bring more fun, more battles and much more action compared to its predecessor, according to the Play Store description.