Thor: The Dark World: Gameloft Plus Movie License Equals Skepticism

Remember the days when comic fans were mocked for being nerds? If trade paperbacks were once as uncool as pocket protectors and asthma inhalers, you can consider the last several years a turning point: In the 2010s, movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises make amounts of money so obscene some conservative countries might classify their accounting books as pornography.

For proof, look no further than Thor: The Dark World. The game puts you behind the legendary helm and hammer of Marvel’s – you guessed it – Thor, then sets you loose to lay an old-fashioned Asgardian butt-whooping on any baddies foolish enough to cross your path. It’s also a movie tie-in, meaning you’ll probably spend your time playing a character who looks similar to professional sexy man Chris Hemsworth. I’m frankly a little intimidated at taking any role inhabited by such a dashing young bloke, but hey, we all can’t be supermodels. Laugh all you want… the man is literally better at being good looking than I am at doing anything.

But anyway. Details on the game, according to several blogs I “sourced” (read: stole) my info from, are pretty scarce right now. We know Gameloft is making it – something I can’t help but worry about after the whole Iron Man 3 debacle – and features a 2.5 D perspective ala all-time classics like Congo Bongo and the lesser-known Diablo series. In fact, a recently released video suggests the game appears to borrow a lot from Blizzard’s diamond in the rough RPG series. Sarcasm aside, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how Gameloft handles yet another Diablo clone… as much as I want to believe they won’t cram it full of microtransations, I’ve equated the company’s name with extortion in my mind for the time being.

Whatever happens, I can promise you this: If they smack a cooldown on me, then give me the option of paying to get out of it, I will be throwing my phone and/or tablet at the first company executive unfortunate enough to cross my path. A man has to have principles, after all. Look for The Dark World on the Play Store this fall.

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Solid RPG

Outstanding graphics and awesome gameplay. Controls are a bit tricky to me so i hope there will be some improvements on next updates. All in all pretty solid RPG.

Posted by 5pellcaster 9 years ago

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