Thor: The Dark World Mobile Game Releases Trailer

When the advent of all these superhero movies they are obviously going to be made into mobile games to capitalize on their fame. Gameloft has been doing this for some time with their mobile games for Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man mobile games. The latest one they are working on is for the Thor: The Dark World mobile game and they just released the trailer for it.

Thor: The Dark World is to be free-to-play and you play as Thor restoring order to the nine worlds. You get to utilize all of Thor’s iconic movesets and powers you’ve seen in the movies and comics as well as lead Asgardian forces including the Warriors 3. There are over 100 missions in Thor: The Dark World against Marauders and Dark Elves alike and follow a unique story inspired by the new film.  Thor: The Dark World will be in HD and also include a social aspect where you can join forces with other fans to ensure victory. As for the release date, Thor: The Dark World mobile game will release in conjunction with the movie in November.

User Reviews

Solid RPG

Outstanding graphics and awesome gameplay. Controls are a bit tricky to me so i hope there will be some improvements on next updates. All in all pretty solid RPG.

Posted by 5pellcaster 9 years ago

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