Gameloft’s Movie Tie-in Thor: The Dark World Lands on the Play Store

Gameloft’s latest movie tie-in, Thor: The Dark World has landed on the Play Store just a week before the movie of the same name opens in theaters (Nov 8th). Everybody’s favorite God of Thunder is back with his hammer and all, ready to take on the dark forces of Malekith, who want the nine worlds destroyed.

You obviously get to play the guy with the red cape, but you won’t be battling villains Jotun, Marauders, Rock Giants, Dark Elves and others alone. No siree! You can call on Asgard warriors and fight alongside legendary Asgards Sif, Heimdall and the Warriors Three to save the universe. As with all super hero games there are weapons and armor that can be upgraded as you hack and slash your way through the various realms. There are also plenty of super skills to choose from and your success depends on how well you choose your skill upgrades before each battle.

The action in all 90+ missions is thick and fast and gets bigger and tougher as you play deeper. There are also survival arenas where you can compete with your friends and global counterparts to top the leaderboards to win unique rewards. As you can see from the trailer and screenshots, Thor looks to pack a punch with stunning graphics, breathtaking action, and engaging gameplay elements. We’ll keep our skepticism low until we review the game in the coming days but indications are that the game will be a whole lot more engaging and fun than previous movie tie-ins.

Thor: The Dark World is free to download. But before you hit that download button, make sure you have at least 1.5GB free space on your device.

User Reviews

Solid RPG

Outstanding graphics and awesome gameplay. Controls are a bit tricky to me so i hope there will be some improvements on next updates. All in all pretty solid RPG.

Posted by 5pellcaster 9 years ago

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