Gamevil Unleashes Action MORPG Akasha on Android

If you have smashed and dashed your way around town these last few days in Kiwi Dash, its time to take a trip into the fantasy world of Yavrani now which is the setting for Gamevil’s latest action MORPG Akasha.

Akasha is an ancient rune that is now the center of evil and it is up to you to take on the role of one of three classes of heroes to stand up to this evil. The retro classes at your disposal are the Fighter, the Archer, and the Mage each of whom bring their unique strengths and skills to the game. The fighter, his brute strength; the archer, speed; and the mage, her powers of sorcery.

As with any good MORPG, playing with friends and others is key to enjoying the game. Akasha offers a unique never-been-seen-before party-matching system that lets you form parties with people you meet in the villages and communicate with them using live voice chatting. Special rewards await parties who successfully defeat the boss monsters.

Another unique aspect of the game is the special dungeons that promise a different kind of action; defeating elite monsters within set times, or defeating an endless wave of enemies.

Players will of course have all the usual ingredients of an action MORPG, HP and mana that will boost the strengths and weapons capabilities of classes. Also available in-game are rare Akashas that when combined create stronger game characters.

Gamevil is even celebrating the launch of the game with a special offer. Anyone playing the game before Jan 26th is eligible for a Beginner Support Pack and 2 limited edition ‘Akashas’ which will throw in special stats and bonuses for players to get a head start.

Akasha is available for free in the Play Store. Initial reports suggest issues with installation and loading, which we hope will be resolved by the time you read this.


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User Reviews


I agree. Many big publisher are starting to stack lame games just to keep the quantity of players high, from Gameloft to EA. Akasha is just lame mmorpg in nice clothes (artwork) by a big…

Posted by frozenstone 10 years ago

All style but no substance

Attractive graphics and artwork of Akasha attracted me to this game. After few hours i realized that this game is just a pretty shell. Gameplay is mediocre and it looks like something generic developed by…

Posted by GoldenDraco 10 years ago

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