news · 10 years ago

Elements: Epic Heroes; An Epic Action RPG

GAMEVIL has published some great mobile games covering pretty much every possible genre. Now they are adding another to their repertoire called Elements: Epic Heroes which is an epic action RPG.

news · 10 years ago

MLB Perfect Inning is a Console Quality Baseball SIM for Android

The game features all of the 30 MLB teams including a rich roaster of 215 players who have been designed using the MLB Player Modeling System.

news · 10 years ago

Time Travel and Shoot Away Endless Villains in Gamevil’s Pocket Gunfighters

Pocket Gunfighters from Gamevil doesn’t really give you a good enough reason to go on a shooting spree, but I guess most shooters hardly have a gripping storyline anyway.

news · 10 years ago

Gamevil Unleashes Action MORPG Akasha on Android

Akasha is an ancient rune that is now the center of evil and it is up to you to take on the role of one of three classes of heroes to stand up to this evil.

news · 10 years ago

Cats and Kiwis Star in Gamevil’s Endless Runner Kiwi Dash

Kiwi Dash pits some cute looking kiwis against some naughty cats who have stolen their totem while they were sleeping.

news · 11 years ago

Gamevil Serves Up its Latest Puzzle Game Spirit Stones with a TCG Element

In Spirit Stones, players must swipe tiles to match them with others of the same color and engage in quick battles.

review · 11 years ago

Dark Avenger - Good Gameplay, Bad Freemium

I’m still kind of going back and forth on what I think about Dark Avenger.

review · 11 years ago

Zenonia 5 - Find Me 10 Bronze

Journal entry 11: My sister is gone, I’m having dreams where I defend a wizard from poison elementals, some guy is parading around as me, and I have to find 10 bronzes for an overly-emotive young girl who wants to make a ring for her fiancé. “10 bronzes for a ring!?”

review · 11 years ago

Baseball Superstars 2013 - Swinging for the Fences

Spring represents many things: Life, purity, birth, and baseball. It’s the best time of the year for baseball fans and their respective teams.

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