Flappy Birds All Set to Ruffle Your Feathers as It Lands on the Play Store

Flappy Bird could just become the next Angry Birds phenomenon. Its been hitting the headlines ever since it landed on the iOS platform and has racked up over 1m downloads on the Play Store in the few days that it that been made available.

The popularity of the game is quite baffling considering that the game follows a rather simple mechanic. You tap on the screen to flap the wings of a tiny bird and propel him past the strategically placed pipes.

Despite its simple gameplay, it appears that Flappy Bird has caught the fancy of a whole lot of people who find it incredibly frustrating and challenging to take the bird past the pipes without touching any nearby objects.

Flappy Bird (1) Flappy Bird (2) Flappy Bird (3)

Twitter and Vine has been abuzz with how addictive the game is, and there are plenty of posts online advising you to take breaks between playing, learning to relax and even remove any screen covers to beat the game.

Flappy bird has dull retro graphics, a steep difficulty curve and isn’t the most innovative game on the Store, but that’s not stopping anyone.

You can grab Flappy Bird from the Play Store for free. I only hope that you don’t hear flappy bird flapping his wings when you’re sleeping or hear its voice when others are speaking to you. Truly!

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