The Flappy Bird Saga Continues; Flappy Bird Installed Phones Now Selling on eBay

Flappy Bird! You thought that pulling this crazy game off the Play Store was going to settle things down. Not yet, it seems as phones that have been installed with the now defunct game has been making its way on to eBay, not to mention with outrageous price tags.

If you want to be part of this crazy, stupid, love for a bird that can’t flap its wings, you could take your pick from bids that go all the way up to $90,200. At the time of writing this post, 65 bids have already been placed for a 16 GB Apple iPhone 5 carrying this precious collectors item.

It appears that the predominant number of sellers are iOS users as you can easily find a long long list of iPads as well as iPhones from 4S to 5S listed on eBay. However, Android devices are also catching up with Samsung HTC, and Motorola being the primary devices listed. A 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Gear has been listed for instant purchase at $5000, while another vendor listed it for $10,000.

There are also others who have simply listed the game itself for sale. “Super cheap” says one listing for a “Buy it Now” price of$18, while others are offering it for just under a dollar.

Strike when the iron is hot they say, and although the developer has poured cold water on this bird, it still seems to be flapping its wings rather noisily on another platform. Who knows what tomorrow brings, eh?

What do you think of the latest drama surrounding Flappy Bird? If you have made a bid for this game or phone on eBay, do tell us what enticed you do do so.

Source: Ebay

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