Best of March 2014

March has come and gone and with it there are a lot of new games out for Android that deserve your attention. This past month we have seen some awesome retro titles make reappearances, some great titles for all the major genres and some new/interesting titles that will satisfy your video game cravings. All in all, March has been a great month for Android gaming and we here at AndroidShock compiled a list of all the titles you should really check out.

Little Big Adventure

To get your retro gaming fix, Little Big Adventure originally by Frédérick Raynal was released. The original was released in 1994 and is an action-adventure RPG where you are ultimately trying to escape from an insane asylum. Now the retro game has had a modern upgrade for touch screen devices along with some other good changes. Whether you remember playing the original Little Big Adventure or not you should check out the new mobile version as you're in for a treat.

Smash Hit

Simple, effective, and addictive. - David Oxford
Like smashing things? Then Smash Hit is the hit game for you. Simple in all aspects, Smash Hit still manages to be extremely addicting and a gorgeous game to just pass the time with. Gameplay of Smash Hit has you tapping your screen to shoot metal balls to smash through glass panes and such. The catch is it is an "endless" game and you lose if you run out of balls (you gain balls by smashing special triangles). Not only is the gameplay of Smash Hit fairly addictive but it has a certain zen like atmosphere that is really cool.


Fans of Steve Jackson's classic fantasy adventure gamebooks will love this lovingly crafted interactive version. - Abhimanyu Ghoshal
From legendary designer Steve Jackson comes Sorcery! If you haven't heard of Sorcery! before you are in for a treat. It is essentially a new unique take on the choose your own adventure genre. In general Sorcery! is a really cool experience as the game looks like a real storybook and changes along with how you play. All the graphics and interactive map are designed by legends in the video game world and really come together to make Sorcery! a real treat to play.

Broken Sword 5 Serpent’s Curse

Broken Sword 5 Serpent's Curse is another great addition to Revolution Software's great puzzle adventure series/franchise. In Broken Sword 5 Serpent's Curse you are trying to solve a case of a stolen well as a murder! The puzzle is very engaging, the puzzles will keep you on your toes and everything about it from graphics to voice overs is very professionally done. If you're a fan of puzzle adventures then Broken Sword 5 Serpent's Curse is one you should check out.


If you've heard of the hit viral game sensation 1048 then you owe Threes! a favor. Threes! is the game that has pretty much made the whole number combining sub-genre popular. So you start out with a few 1 tiles and if you combine them you get a 2, you can then combine a 1 and a 2 to get a 3, two 3s to get a 6, etc. It's all about math but in a new and unique way. Threes! also has a nice clean minimalistic layout and can in general provide countless hours of fun.


$1.99 · ·

Knights N Squires

If you want a nonstop action RPG then look no further than Knights N Squires. It is the latest game from Com2Us and it packs a punch. Gameplay is fairly simple as you collect allies and go take on hordes of enemies. However, there are over 100 allies you can collect and use along with countless items you can use on your characters. There is plenty of action in Knights N Squires yet if you like a more RPG feel you have that to, the best of both worlds.


Who says quality 3D platformers have no place on mobile devices? Whoever says that hasn't seen Rochard. Set in a vibrant 3D world you have possession of a gravity defying gun in which you can manipulate the environment, throw crates and more. There are five huge chapters in Rochard so this isn't a quick play and drop type of game. Everything about Rochard is pretty great. The puzzles are well done, graphics and voice overs amazing, and in general it is just a rather unique game you don't see often on mobile Android devices.

Frontline Commando 2

Frontline Commando 2 is a fun action game best enjoyed in short sessions. - Patrick Garde
FRONTLINE COMMANDO 2 brings a bit of action to March's best of list. It is the sequel to the smash hit Frontline Commando and features tons more weapons and explosions. You get to assemble your own squad out of over 65 different combinations involving snipers and medics. From there it is ball busting action across 40 levels along with online PvP. In addition, levels are destructible, there are vehicles, and plenty of customization options. FRONTLINE COMMANDO 2 is pure shooting fun, check it out.


Use brains to get brains. - David Oxford
In Deadlings you play as Death himself as he sets up a state of the art lab to train zombie minions. This involves you controlling these minions through increasingly difficult levels. There are a host of different minions each with unique movement powers. With over 100 levels across four worlds Deadlings will keep you occupied for quite some time. It is cartoony but don't let that fool you as the levels will require some finesse and skills to complete.

Castle Doombad

Adult Swim Games does it again with Castle Doombad, their newest game. Castle Doombad is what people like to call an anti-tower defense game or tower offense game. So in Castle Doombad you have a castle and you are placing traps, minions, and more bad stuff to kill the incoming heroes. Simple concept but loads of fun. This is all in part to the vast amount of offensive items you have, the cartoony yet still well polished style of it all and the level of detail.

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