Best of February 2014

Another month and another best of list to help you decide what is worth checking out and what you’ve missed. While February is the shortest of the months it still managed to have a pile of great titles released. As per usual, we’ here at AndroidShock have compiled a list of what we think was worth checking out this last month. In addition we’ve tried to have a list that has a pretty good variety of genres and styles so everyone can find something they love. So whether you love action games or ones that focus more on puzzling adventures, February had it all.

So that’s our list. Think we missed any particularly good title that came out in February? Comment below telling us your best of list!

Optical Inquisitor 17+

As a flash game lover one of the genres that I always loved are the stick figure sniper games. There are tons of them but they are just so much fun to play. Optical Inquisitor 17+ by Crescent Moon Games takes that old browser game spirit and brings it to the new mobile age. It controls pretty much flawlessly for a mobile game and has a lot of interesting interactive elements. Basically, Optical Inquisitor 17+ is pure arcade shooting action that has been a mainstay in video games for a long time.

Legendary Wars

Legendary Wars is a solid castle defense game with enough variety. Strategy fans, grab this classic. - Patrick Garde
While some may say the Google Play store is oversaturated with generic castle defense games there still are some that break that mold and really impress. Legendary Wars by Liv Games is one of these and well worth the download. The foundation of Legendary Wars is similar to most but they take a lot of interesting and unique liberties which really define it. Moreover Legendary Wars is full of content and a lot of replayability value. This is Liv Games debut game and it shows that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Room Two

You will not regret making some room for The Room Two in your puzzle games library. - Patrick Garde
Back in April Fireproof Games released The Room, a point and click puzzler, that got people talking and was highly regarded. Now, the sequel called The Room Two is out and just as good! Everything you loved in the original is back with more in The Room Two. Graphics are better, puzzles are different and much more challenging, and the touch screen interface is improved. This franchise is one of great mystery and full of challenge. So if you're looking for a puzzle game that will really make you think while providing hours of entertainment then The Room Two is for you.

The Great Martian War

A rock-solid runner with a great mix of WWI trenches and Wells-inspired Martians. Deserves your time. - Matt Suckley
Endless runners are very prevalent due to their ease of creation. However, some developers are really taking the genre and pushing the boundaries in really cool ways. The Great Martian War by TheSecretLocation is one of these above and beyond endless runners. Telling the tale of a fictional historical battle between humans and aliens on mars, The Great Martian War attempts to tell the story through 3D endless running a la Temple Run. What makes The Great Martian War different is the amount of polish and detail put into it all. Really a standout title.

Rocket ROBO

Rocket ROBO is puzzle-platform game which manages to provide both charm and, in time, challenge. Young and old alike should be able to appreciate what it has to offer, though by how much remains to be seen. - David Oxford
Rocket ROBO is a game that is full of a wonder-like story and ridiculous antics while being a solid game. The story is that there is an old tinkerer who lives in a lighthouse which serves as a beacon of hope and is powered by stars. To combat loneliness he create a robot companion. One day the stars disappear and the robot decides to bring them back. From there, Rocket ROBO is a fun and relatively simple puzzle platformer. The rockets that the robot gets his name from are a huge part which can be frustrating to control but in general is a well made and fun game.

Out There

Barely coming out in February is the extremely anticipated space simulation game Out There by Mi-Clos Studio. Out There is an interesting and unique game that has you tinkering with your spaceship in all aspects as you travel the galaxies. You get to mine resources, worry about fuel consumption, battle strange aliens, and more. What makes Out There even more fun is that it is procedure generated so every play is going to be different and full of surprises. Out There has promised a lot and delivers on all aspects, check it out asap!

Shadow Blade

Does young Kuro have what it takes to stand alongside such great gaming ninjas as Ryu Hayabusa, Joe Musashi, and... er, Leonardo? Run. Jump. Slash. Win. Repeat. - David Oxford
If you're a fan of the more classic and retro 2D style games of past lore then Shadow Blade by Crescent Moon Games is your ticket to fun. In Shadow Blade you play a young ninja and gameplay revolves around classic 2D platforming action, so you'll be double jumping, wall jumping, and doing all sorts of sword tricks. While it is easy to see the retro influence to Shadow Blade it does well to bring the concept to the new mobile age so everything plays perfectly on whatever device you own. In general Shadow Blade is well polished and almost an homage to the games we all loved as a kid.

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Can’t wait!

Can't wait for this game to come out! I saw the announcement like 6 months ago and it looks amazing! Ninja Power!

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