Elements: Epic Heroes; An Epic Action RPG

GAMEVIL has published some great mobile games covering pretty much every possible genre. Now they are adding another to their repertoire called Elements: Epic Heroes which is an epic action RPG. The story behind Elements: Epic Heroes is a rather typical one where you lead your party of heroes to defeat the dark lord.

So what makes Elements: Epic Heroes special and different from the hordes of other action RPGs? Admittedly a lot of the main features and functions are similar to other games but Elements: Epic Heroes still does justice to the genre. Controls are super simple and involve just tapping to move and release your super spells. Your team can be upgraded and equipped with all sorts of items to give you special boosts and more. Also, you can team up with different players to do real time boss raids and go through an infinite tower mode. Those aspects bring up an important function of Elements: Epic Heroes which is that it is a social app. You can can chat with people all over the globe and add people as friends in game. In general, GAMEVIL put out another great game, so check out Elements: Epic Heroes today.

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