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list · 6 years ago

14 Kickass Hidden Object Games for Android: The Definitive List

Here are our picks for the best hidden object games for android devices.

news · 5 years ago

Dare to Take on the Scariest Case Ever in Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton for Android

Nacy Drew:Ghost of Thornton is set in the abandoned Thornton estate where bride-to-be Jessalyn Thornton disappears during the pre-wedding celebrations.

news · 5 years ago

Hidden Object Game Statue of Liberty – The Lost Symbol Appears on Google Play

Here’s Anuman’s latest – Statue of Liberty – The Lost Symbol a hidden object game set around the most famous landmark in America, the Statue of Liberty.

news · 5 years ago

Ubisoft Outs Hidden Object Game CSI: Hidden Crimes on Android

If you’re a fan of the award winning TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, you’re going to love CSI: Hidden Crimes.

news · 5 years ago

Can You Escape – Adventure; Well Can You?

MobiGrow has put out a great little escape genre series simply called Can You Escape for a while.

news · 5 years ago

Sink Your Teeth Into Dracula 4 – The Shadow Of The Dragon Out Now on Android

Point and click adventure fans are in for another treat this year as Anuman has just ported its 2013 video game Dracula 4.

news · 6 years ago

Search For All Sorts of Nonsense With Find Objects

Find Objects is very colorful and cartoony which eludes that it is just a kids game but it is not, all ages can enjoy the power of a objecting finding game.

review · 6 years ago

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden - A Spooky Underwater Adventure Set to Enthrall You

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is an underwater mystery adventure involving a lost city, missing people, hidden objects, and supernatural creatures.

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