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Off-World Adventure Noir


Gemini Rue is an inquisitive point-and-click adventure game developed by Joshua Nuernberger and published by Wadjet Eye Games on Google Play. Set in an interesting dystopian future, this sci-fi noir adventure would fit well with the likes of Blade Runner or any other futuristic titles. This Android game will push you to keep on playing until the rewarding end.

The gripping story of Gemini Rue revolves around Azriel Odin, a former hit man, in his quest for redemption.  In the beginning, Azriel finds himself creeping into a new city where he searches for his brother with the help of a contact. What he discovers is a town wasted by warfare and a local crime syndicate called the Boryokudan. The politics in the area has corrupted and influenced the streets as they distributed addictive drugs. Aside from Azriel, you will also take control of Delta-Six, an inmate in an undisclosed location. The facility rehabs a patient by wiping out its memory and has a program with strange training practices. Your goal is to help him discover his self since he has forgotten much of his memories.

Classic Point-and-Click Gameplay

Fans of the point-and-click adventure genre will be comfortable with the touch screen controls. Players are able to manage a character in exploring the setting, and interacting with individuals and objects to solve various brainteasers. Whenever you click on a person or stuff, a set of icons will pop-up which prompts for your action. You can either look, touch, talk, and kick. It is an effective way to sort out even with a few commands.

In addition, there is a limited gunplay control system where players shoot and aim behind a cover. Simply tap a button to enter and/or exit from cover, click on another for accuracy (there’s a bar where a pointer moves up for a precise shot), and press one last button to shoot. A reload button is also present in case you’ve used up all your ammunition. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually quite easy. Just timely hit the accuracy button and make sure it hits the green section of the bar.

Azriel also owns a communication device which allows him to speak to other characters or research information within a restricted text-based interface. As you progress, there will come a point that you can switch between characters, both of whom where situated in different locations of the game’s environment, continuing where you left off until you reach a mutual story. This will come in handy if you need a break, or if you become stuck on a puzzle, to refresh your mind.

Pass this Up? You’ll Rue the Day

What I love about this game are its excellent touch-based controls, emotive story, and the tremendous amount of production value. The backdrops are amazing, combined with ambient music and sounds. Voice acting is superb as well as actors put a lot of effort and feelings on their work.


Though you may argue that the combat system may not be for everyone, Gemini Rue still provides a great mix of noir and the classic point-and-click gameplay. This makes it one of the better adventure games you can download in the Play Store even at $4.99. Adventure fans must install this Android game on their device – now!

4.2 / 5


Gemini Rue is an outstanding point-and-click game that adventure lovers must buy. tweet

Patrick Garde · Feb 6, 2014

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Retro point & click gem

Great story, great atmosphere and enjoyable retro graphics. Real point&click gem!

Posted by GuybrushT 10 years ago

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