Search For All Sorts of Nonsense With Find Objects

As a kid I loved getting my Highlights magazine and doing the find object pages where you have to find all sorts of objects in a normal scene. The scene would be of a house and a tree yet you’d find a trombone in the chimney, a mouse in the tree trunk, a coin in the mailbox, etc. Always thought they were little fun games and that has carried to my adulthood. Find Objects by Doodle Mobile is exactly that sort of game I loved way back when and features all sorts of crazy and kooky item finding goodness.

Find Objects is very colorful and cartoony which eludes that it is just a kids game but it is not, all ages can enjoy the power of a objecting finding game. There are actually 150 levels in Find Objects which is an insane number with over 500 collections of hidden objects to find. Levels don’t seem as cluttered as other hidden object games out there but it makes up for that by having silly and brightly colored graphics and an exclusive parallax scrolling mechanic which makes it so you have to find items that seem invisible. Find Objects is a free game and with its ton of levels should be worth the download!

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