The Adventures of Mosaika Review

A Quieter, Gentler Adventure

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Some video games are high-energy experience that are meant to keep you running and gunning for hours without so much as an opportunity to take a breather. Then there are slow, mellow games like The Adventures of Mosaika. Fire Maple Games‘ latest point-and-click adventure doesn’t contain a lot of noisy action, but playing through its story is intriguing, not to mention as relaxing as sipping a cup of chamomile tea.

You begin The Adventures of Mosaika in your uncle’s old home. You’re alone – or so you think. After a night of vivid dreams about faraway places, you’re awakened by a mighty crash. Suddenly, you feel compelled to examine the seemingly dormant fireplace in your new bedroom. A secret panel slides open, and you’re introduced to a beautiful golden land that’s shrouded in mystery.

Also, there’s a talking frog that wants words with you about a snack of fireflies.

Adventure and Puzzles

The golden land you’ve discovered has fallen under the spell of an evil witch, and you need to do what you can to free it. No rush; take your time.

The Adventures of Mosaika is a point-and-click puzzle action game that might remind you of Myst and other text-heavy adventure titles that thrived in the ’90s. Mosaika does emphasize exploration and puzzle-solving over reading, however, so even though the game reveals itself slowly, it never feels boring or bogged down.

You move from scene to scene by tapping in the direction you want to head in, and you interact with objects by tapping on those as well. As might be expected from an adventure game, not every scene is meant to be cleared from the outset. Progression often requires you to find an item further in the game, then return to an earlier area, use that item, and clear a path.

There are puzzles galore, too. Some are brain-teasers, like one instance wherein you need to balance a scale with weights. Others are visual, and require you to mimic a pattern you’ve seen elsewhere. Most of the puzzles in The Adventures of Mosaika are relatively intuitive. If you do get stuck, there’s an in-game hint system that you can access anytime, and use as often as you need to. It’s a welcome option for those of us that grew up on adventure games, but no longer have hours to spend poking around at scenery in hopes we’ll trigger some kind of action.

Sightseeing in The Golden Land

The gentle visuals and soundtrack accompanying The Adventures of Mosaika  contribute to the game’s laid back atmosphere. There isn’t a lot of animation going on, but the hand-drawn still scenes manage to be packed with life and character nonetheless. The scenes present a world that’s familiar, but somehow still manages to be mysterious, alien, and a bit lonely.

If you’re not big on the idea of moving from screen to screen and slowly poking around in search of clues and puzzles, The Adventures of Mosaika probably isn’t your scene, so to speak. If you’re a fan of adventure games, however, or if you’ve been nostalgic for a slower, calmer gaming experience, Fire Maple Games put together a world you might enjoy visiting.

4.4 / 5


The Adventures of Mosaika calls on the player to have a sharp brain rather than sharp reflexes. It's a well-polished adventure title that should suit fans of the genre as well as newcomers. tweet

Nadia Oxford · Nov 11, 2013

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Nice adventure

Very nice puzzle game with great graphics and interesting story. It reminds me of Myst. It's not too long but for 0.99 you get a lot of fun. Good joob Fire maple!

Posted by Tina 10 years ago

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