Tiny Pop Review

A Bubbly, Cute Shootin’ And Poppin’ Time


Cute puzzle games are generally viewed as something that’s great for kids, but not so much for adults — but games like Candy Crush Saga proves this isn’t always the case. It’s not so much as the eye candy graphics are not appealing — it is — but there’s always a presumption that games that look cute are too easy for the adult gamer.

Cuteness overload, and more

Enter Tiny Pop. It’s so much more than its name, and surprisingly delivers more challenging game play hiding behind its cute, lovable exterior. Don’t let the cuddly white sheep fool you — this game gets harder with each round!

The objective is quite simple: shoot the same colored balls into the clump above to clear them out. You can aim directly at the target, or use the edge of the screen for the ball to bounce into your targetted spot. Once the ball hits two or more balls of the same color, they pop and it gives way to more balls that fall from the top. Not all balls of the same color are clumped together, and not every ball you are given match with any clump that is immediately accessible to you. Sometimes, you’ll have to start a new clump of balls, and when you clump three or more pieces, they pop as well.

Two Ways to Play

There are two game modes: Time Attack and Survival. Time Attack sets the game play with a specific time limit, and you’ll need to accomplish the highest possible score within that time frame. Survival mode doesn’t have a time limit, but there are balls within a clump that sets off a time limit when you hit them. Both are equally engaging, and either one brings its own brand of fun and challenge into the table.

One thing to note is that this game requires an Internet connection to communicate with Com2US’s game servers. The ideal Internet speed for a decent gaming experience is at least 1 Mbps (Wi-Fi or data). Your progress and achievements are also shareable to Facebook, and you can create a network with your Facebook friends.

In-app purchases and ads exist on this game, but they’re usually of acceptable standards.

The Verdict

The main thing about this game is cuteness — I cannot stress it enough. This makes it a shoe-in for anyone who likes cute puzzle games that include cuddly characters and colorful game play. The graphics are small but sharp, with bright shiny colors that keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Tiny Pop has the right amount of cuteness, challenge and engaging game play that will last you for a few seconds, or an entire hour. It’s vibrant and bubbly, and shooting never felt so wholesome and fun.

Tiny Pop

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4.5 / 5


Tiny Pop is a fun and engaging puzzle game with great vibrant graphics and fast-paced shooting action. Anyone who likes a wholesome but challenging arcade-style game will love its varied game modes and unlockable power ups. tweet

Kim Barloso · Jul 29, 2013

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