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Play to Win or Pay to Win

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Tanks. There’s just something special about this threaded hulking metal vehicle that people gravitate toward and makes them perfectly adaptable to video games. They’re our modern precursors to mechs of the future. Just look at the overabundance of tank games found on Google Play as a sign of its popularity. While it’s easy to overlook developers Gamesofa Tank Hit: Steel of Honor in the sea of similarly themed games, Tank Hit has a surprising amount of depth for fans to delve into, though there are some missteps along the way.

Adapt or Die

On the surface, It’s easy to call Tank Hit: Steel of Honor as Call of Duty Tanks Edition. In a way it reiterates many aspects, especially multiplayer progression, from that franchise and its ensuing sequels and similarly inspired FPS games. Aside from perhaps the first level (which acts as a tutorial) there is no story in Tank Hit or plot to speak of. Instead the game quickly drops you off into the nitty gritty 14 player domination type multiplayer. While getting behind a 100 ton killing machine in mere seconds after starting the game is fun, newer players will have to make have to quickly adapt to the competitive online game with little to no practice.

As stated above, there is only one type of multiplayer mode. A domination-esque type where two teams are pitted against another as they defend and acquire enemy bases. The winning round goes to the team that captured the most areas, which are marked by towers, within the given time limit. It’s a no fuss match and while not an entirely breath of fresh air from the Deathmatch style tank battles, it’s a still somewhat refreshing.

Multiplayer is Tank Hit’s bread and butter, and they’ve succeeded in building a gameplay that’s both engaging and addicting. Every inch of your tank can be improved and customized in some way. From their exterior paint (patterns and camouflage) to performance and speed, these tanks are personable and can be tailored to a players choosing. During battle, players will be able to take three tanks and like classes in COD, can be switched before being respawned. It’s a great idea and allows players to switch their attack style on the fly.

Pay to win or Play to win

Of course, like most modern mobile games today, folks with bottomless pockets can even the level field (or completely decimate it) by purchasing the latest upgrades, weapons and vehicles. The game never too rarely feels too pushy or aggressive in trying to convince players to drop a few bucks for in game currency and they can be easily ignored, but menu banners and hints of the ability to purchase in-game gold permeates throughout the upgrade screen that it somehow cheapens the quality of the game. Say what you will about pay to win, but most of the items can still be purchased by grinding and replaying the multiplayer. Developers Gamesofa, does slightly nudge players into purchasing upgrades with free daily bonus (free in-game currency), but again I never felt the incentive to actively drop cash.

World War Paint

Visually, the developers opted for a cel shaded-esque art style. This means you’ll find different colored tanks in versus the normal green and gray from found in the real world. Their bright and crisp but nothing to write home about. Still, the games run without much hiccups save for a few momentarily lags from the network.

Closing Words

Tank Hit offers a familiar and addicting gameplay in a mobile format. While that same format comes with a myriad of in app purchases, how you feel about this monetary model may significantly affect how you feel about Tank Hit, or none at all. But underneath the free to play gameplay, Tank Hit still provides an enjoyable, though predictable mechanics we’ve all come to know and love.

2.0 / 5


Deep multiplayer bogged somewhat down with in app purchases. tweet

Michael Ian · Feb 21, 2014

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love tanks!

wow cool tank action! very nice graphics and upgrades. i especially like various camouflage options! :D

Posted by rpGranade 10 years ago

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