Award Winning Game Gemini Rue Available on Android

Android recently has been getting a lot of award winning games that were originally either PC only or Apple exclusives and I hope this trend continues. The game in question is Gemini Rue which won a host of categories for AGS Awards and the Aggies in 2011. If you don’t know about Gemini Rue, to put it simply is that it is a sci-fi noir adventure game. A65V3BCVAXZP

Specifically, Gemini Rue is in the same tradition/theme as Blade Runner and Beneath a Steel Sky. The story goes like this. You play as an ex-assassin named Azriel Odin on the rainy planet of Barracus. Things go wrong and you find yourself needed the help of the criminals you used to work for. In a separate but eventually interconnecting storyline, you play a man named Delta-six who wakes up in a hospital with no memory who vows to escape. Gemini Rue really creates a world that is interesting and dark. Plenty of renowned sites and reviewers have raved about Gemini Rue and now the game is on Android. You can download it for $4.99 which is a steal for what you’re getting. Get it today!

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Retro point & click gem

Great story, great atmosphere and enjoyable retro graphics. Real point&click gem!

Posted by GuybrushT 9 years ago

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