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Fresh ARPG Shows Promise


Brandnew Boy is a stylish action RPG from Oozoo. This Android game runs on Unreal engine which features stunning graphics – with smooth frame rates – and lighting fast gameplay. But is its beautiful presentation enough to make it stand out in the crowded Play Store? Find out in our review below.


Brandnew Boy starts out in an unknown setting where a boy finally gains consciousness but later finds out that he can’t remember much of his memories. Luckily, a wired television helps him try to recall his past. Players control this puzzled young lad, who goes by the name of Rookie, against various enemies as he makes an effort to discover who he really is and why his memories are completely wiped out. Essentially, this title provides an action-packed beat-‘em-up kind of gameplay with some sort of RPG elements on the side. Simply tap on an enemy to attack or you can just continue tapping for Rookie to put together a string of punch and kick combos. Just make sure not to take damage or don’t take much of your time between strikes so that the counter will not be reset. In addition, there is a yellow meter that indicates when to tap for him to inflict more damage. If you happen to be on the defensive, you can dodge attacks by swiping either left or right on the screen. Every time you kill an opponent, you will gain experience which will eventually upgrade your level, and you will be able to collect loot particularly coins, the in-game currency. This will enable you to unlock a fresh set of weapons, skills and outfits, but you still have to shell out some of your coins to buy those. It can be used as well whenever you get killed in a battle and want to continue where you left off.

Control Under Pressure

One of the positives I see from Brandnew Boy is the well-executed control scheme. Navigating a 3D environment can be quite a chore to some titles, but with this game, it will be a breeze. Tap on the screen to move your character and swipe from side to side to move from left to right.As you progress, however, and dig a little deeper into the game, it may become repetitive especially with the battles. You may get frustrated tapping and swiping again and again until you move on to the next stage. I would suggest adding a variety of moves to not make the combat monotonous. Also, you will probably feel that the exploration is a bit pointless as you traverse the same set of environments. Further, you may notice that some of the dialogue may be lost in translation – literally.


Nevertheless, Brandnew Boy could have what it takes to become one of the better action RPGs on Google Play with a little revamp. This Android game has plenty of adventure, intuitive controls and an enjoyable gameplay, though it may be reserved for gamers who love anime-like graphics.

3.2 / 5


Brandnew Boy could have been a can't-miss ARPG if only all of their ideas are properly implemented. tweet

Patrick Garde · Feb 18, 2014

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Great action rpg that reminds me of Combo Crew. It's a bit laggy on my Galaxy S3.

Posted by punisher 10 years ago

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