Brandnew Boy Out On Android

Games in general keep getting more and more intense in terms of everything! Brandnew Boy by Oozoo Inc. is a perfect example of this as it is a full fledged RPG for Android/iOS running the Unreal Engine 3. It is been out on iOS for a while and already has some impressive press reports and now we get to experience it all!

The plot behind Brandnew Boy is you play as “Rookie” who has awoken in a strange place where everyone wants to kill him. From there on out, Brandnew Boy is a heart pounding intense 3D combat adventure game. Controls in Brandnew Boy are unique which is great as most “traditional” controls for mobile devices stink. These controls are streamlined for mobile allowing for great combos with simple swipes and taps. With the Unreal Engine 3 you’re going to get beautiful textured level environments full of constant combat. Characters and pretty much everything else have that distinct Anime feel to it as well. Brandnew Boy also features two game modes, boss summoning powers, and a full range of customization options. For $3.99 you can download Brandnew Boy and get tons of content and one of the more talked about games in recent times.

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Great action rpg that reminds me of Combo Crew. It's a bit laggy on my Galaxy S3.

Posted by punisher 10 years ago

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