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Robots are made for one thing and one thing only…destruction. The guys over at Kabam understand that with their new game Blastron which is all about robots and blasting away your opponents. Blastron plays very similar to popular games like Shellshock Live and games like that where you take turns aiming and shooting various explosive devices at your enemies in the hopes to blow them up and also the environment is completely destructible. Of course in Blastron you’re not playing as tanks or anything but rather actual robots so the movement is more mobile and inherently there is much more customization involved.

Baby Steps

Basic gameplay in Blastron is simple enough but has the potential to really get complicated as more and more people play the game and get better at it. However the basics are simple; you can move and jump with the left touch screen joystick which seems a little weird to jump with it but it works and you aim your weapon using the right touch joystick. Those controls at first do seem weird or backwards but it is quick to learn..just different. Another useful movement/gameplay tip is there are items called teleportation grenades. You throw these and where they land you get teleported to. They are an integral aspect to getting special items and winning in general so you need to master them.

An Armory

Perhaps the most fun aspect of Blastron is in the actual weapons and blowing up other people. Weapon wise there is a huge variety and range from slightly serious to outright ridiculous. Some examples of weapons go from typical rocket launchers, ninja stars, nukes and guns that shoot actual elephants. Right away you can tell that Blastron isn’t the most serious game but it is in the humor that makes it quick fun to play. In addition to all the weapons you can find, unlock and buy you are a robot and therefore can interchange your parts. So in Blastron you have three parts to your body; legs, torso and a head. Each of these can be upgraded and customized to give you the most attack/health/etc. you want and that fits your gameplay style.

Single and Multiplayer

Recently I’ve been playing a lot of these multiplayer games but they only have multiplayer. Which is find and such but sometimes I don’t want to play against strangers or even my friends so I love the fact that Blastron included a single player campaign mode. It functions as a nice tutorial and even a training grounds (even though there is a whole practice mode) as well as features mode types that aren’t yet available in multiplayer yet (such as kill count, team deathmatch, etc.). This is not to say that Blastron’s mutliplayer mode is lacking. Right now it only features deathmatch with up to four players but it is still very fun to play since as usual the dynamics in a silly game like Blastron leads to some humorous results.

Make Each Bullet Count

Now my biggest pet peeve for Blastron is in how they handled weapon management. In other games of this kind you unlock new weapons and you have those weapons for good or a limited amount of that weapon for each game but you keep getting it back. Of course in the land in in app purchases that would never be possible in Blastron… So instead what they opted for is a system where you get weapons and if you use them and you run out…you’re out of luck. Need to go buy more using the in game currency or if you don’t have enough of that then real money. Now there are some ways to get around this. First off the in game currency isn’t that stingy which is good but also you can find new weapons during gameplay and also you get a weapon bundle every so often to tide you over. It does however unfortunately lead to a system where in a multiplayer match the person who was willing to spend more money is going to be stronger. Overall though Blastron is a real fun Android game to play and the possibilities are endless in terms of how gameplay matches turn out.


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3.7 / 5


Blast your friends away using elephant guns and nukes in the explosive game of Blastron. tweet

Robert Clark · Jul 30, 2013

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