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A Throwback To A Classic Puzzle


If you were old enough to be around in the 80’s, then you surely will remember a toy called the Rubic’s cube. While it drove everyone mad then, it seems people actually miss it. Cube is a puzzle game based on that long forgotten toy, and it might just stir up some long forgotten feelings of frustration. While the end goal is to have a cube with all same colors, the method of doing so is somewhat different from moving or swiping layers around — it’s much more complicated than that, if that is even possible.

A Nostalgic Tribute

I’m a huge fan of puzzle games, and I love getting a mental exercise every now and then, but man, is this game hard! It may not look it, with the below par graphics and numerous pop up ads, but Cube is a puzzle that requires extra thought and lots of trial and error.

So what do you do exactly? It’s hard to explain, and the very short tutorial doesn’t help. The best way I can describe the game’s objective is this: a cube has two differently colored squares. The end goal is to make it have only one color — either red or green. As it turned out, this certain goal is easier said than done.

The number of red and green squares are indicated on either side on the top of the screen, so you can easily tell which color is the more dominant — and probably is the color the entire cube needs to become. However, the cube can be either color, as long as you succeed in converting squares to the same color.

Tapping on a square once will change a red square into green, and vice versa. The challenge comes when you’re trying to avoid “converting” squares that are already the correct color. It starts out easy at first, but it will get challenging pretty quick.

Three Modes Of Fun

The game comes in three modes: Challenge, Arcade and Time Attack. Challenge is a level-completion mode, where you complete levels and move on to the next world. Arcade appears to be similar to an Endless mode, but you can choose from difficulty levels of Easy, Medium and Hard. Time Attack is a timed session in 1-minute, 2-minute and 3-minute modes.

All game modes measure a particular score, most of which depends on how many times you tapped on a square to change its color before completing the entire cube.

The thing I’m missing in this game is some kind of immediate help such as power-ups, or any item that grants more control over game play. This game apparently doesn’t have that, and it’s basically just you and your brain against a red-and-green cube.

Also, it does have a lot of ads, so be warned.

The Verdict

Although it’s not much graphics-wise, the game does hold its part of the bargain by being challenging enough. I’m just not sure whether that kind of challenge is easily taken by gamers who have been so used to fancy animations and boosters. But — it is a good throwback to Rubic’s cube, and a huge fondness for the 80’s just might be enough reason to give this game a shot.

3.8 / 5


Based on the 80's toy, Rubic's cube, Cube is a sliding puzzle game that is a throwback with a twist. It's great for nostalgia, but not much for long term game play. tweet

Kim Barloso · May 3, 2013

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