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Based on the 80's toy, Rubic's cube, Cube is a sliding puzzle game that is a throwback with a twist. It's great for nostalgia, but not much for long term game play. - Kim Barloso

Fill the cube with the same color!

This new game is similar to classic Magic Cube game. In the classic game, each colored face of the cube is mixed and you have to replace them all correctly.
However, in this original new version, you have to switch the color of all visible faces of the cube. Then select the green or red color and try to fill the cube with the opposite one to solve the puzzle!

Choose between 3 amazing modes for three distinct experiences!
Try the Challenge mode to evolve through a series of levels or get the highest score possible in Arcade and Time Attack modes.

Cube will exercise your brain and will keep you challenged for hours! So come try it now!

Have fun playing this original game!

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Cube - A Throwback To A Classic Puzzle

If you were old enough to be around in the 80’s, then you surely will remember a toy called the Rubic’s cube.

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