WIZCRAFT Brings Familiar Concepts To Whole New Levels

When one game or genre becomes popular expect hundreds of other games to come out with similar or identical concepts. I’ve seen this happen time and time again but one that is pretty consistent is card based RPG games. Now, you may think I’m leading in to say that Com2Us‘ latest game, WIZCRAFT, is another card based RPG to profit off the fad. Well, not exactly. WIZCRAFT does feature card based RPG elements but actually tries to differentiate itself from the hordes of others.

The story behind WIZCRAFT is you play as Leon, a young summoner fresh out of wizardry school. The overreaching goal is a powerful type of magic called Doomsday that people, good and bad, are searching for. Gameplay does revolve around creating a team (through cards) where there are five different classes. There are also layers of strategy dealing with evolutions, powerups, skills and items. Powerups are magic, hero and soldier and can be tweaked individually for more strategy. An interesting and insanely fun aspect of WIZCRAFT is the worldwide PvP battles with either 3v3 or 5v5 team based. There are also event dungeons and the general storyline to keep you busy. So while, WIZCRAFT is similar to a lot of card based RPGs it actually is like the next step forward in the evolution.


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