Solar Flux from Firebrand Games

Scotts are not only good at kilt wearing and immortality sword clashes, nooo, they also make good games, they do. Firebrand Games, a company that was making racing Nintendo ports is finally releasing their own game – Solar Flux. Greenshields gave his team full freedom to build a game from ground-up, only condition was that the game must be good. On top of many experiments and evaluations, came the space puzzle game Solar Flux.

Player will fly in a small spaceships, pick up mysterious orbs and fire them at dying suns to revive them. But it’s not that simple, this is not Sokoban. Players will have to manage gravity and other forces, hide in planet’s shade from the deadly heat, manage fuel and systems and so much more.

First release for iPad will come around August, iPhone and Android versions will follow.

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