Refuel Suns in Firebrand Games’ Latest Puzzle Strategy Game Solar Flux HD

The universe is constantly expanding. Young stars are born every minute while older ones are dying just as quickly. One hundred years from now, you are faced with the dark facts of life. The life giving suns in the universe are dying. You could say a prayer and just give up or pilot your tiny spacecraft through the cosmos, collect the energy giving fuel called flux  and shoot it towards the dying stars.

Dangers and obstacles in Firebrand Games’ Solar Flux HD comes via solar objects. There are asteroids that will smash you up, black holes that will suck you in, or supernovas that will burn you up. You will also be faced with time limits, fuel restrictions and limited shield forces. If you’re going to save the universe, it will be your precise shooting skills and puzzle solving strategies that are going to count.

Solar Flux HD features 80 challenging missions and 4 unique galaxies that bring with them their own unique challenges. If you manage to grab all three well earned stars in a level, you can post in on Facebook and compare your scores with global players in online leaderboards.

Grab this visually appealing space game for $1.99 from the Play Store.

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