Run Your Own Zoo in Disco Zoo

By the same creators of super addicting games like Tiny Tower and Pocket Trains comes Disco Zoo. Yep, Nimblebit has decided to go the zoological route this time and has you traveling all over the world collecting animals both exotic and domestic for your zoo.

If you’ve played the past time based management games that Nimblebit is known for then Disco Zoo will be a cake walk. In addition to doing all the things you do in a zoo Disco Zoo features some light puzzle action. Through these puzzles you can find hidden/secret animals to add to your zoo. You may be wondering about the word “Disco” in the title. Well, in Disco Zoo you can through actual discos to help your animals grow as well as bring in customers. In general, Disco Zoo is a wacky game but extremely addicting. See you in a few years!

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