Plenty of Enemies and Unlimited Loot Await You in Heroes of Loot; Out Now on Android

Last month, we told you that come September 12th, Heroes of Loot would land on the Play Store and OrangePixel haven’t disappointed us. The rougelike endless dungeon crawler with retro style elements is nothing like you’ve seen before. There’s plenty of full-on action, endless dungeons, quests, and loads and loads of loot to handle.

Players take on one of four classes of heroes; the fast Elf with his bow and arrow, the strong warrior with his flying axe, the old wizard with his magic staff, or the quick footed knife wielding Valkyrie. In this frantically fast paced top down shooter game, you’ll find unique and intriguing powers such as the invisibility cloak, lens of secrets, and cup of life to help you in your quests.

If that’s not enough, the dungeons are infested with innumerable skulls, imps, cyclops, minotaurs, flameheads, spikes and such and the farther you go in, the more dangerous and difficult things become. With the unlimited number of randomly generated dungeons at your disposal, it may be a long while before you keep your Android down.

Moreover, the game is optimized for Xperia PLAY and supports MOGA, Green Throttle (2 player coop mode available!) and NVidia Shield, if you want to take it to the next level.

If you love a fast paced, dungeon shoot-em up with a chance to show off your skills on the global leaderboards, grab this game for $ 1.99. Or there’s an ad-supported free version as well, if you’re short of change.

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