Get Ready to Time Travel, A Thug in Time Has Arrived

After teasing us with their dramatic gameplay video, Destructamobile have finally launched their time travelling shooter game A Thug in Time.

This is a twin stick shooter game where the protagonist, Kai travels back in time through the Viking Ages, the Wild West, 1930′s Chicago, and modern-day New York city to destroy his enemies and collect time crystals which will save humanity.

Destructamobile‘s debut game has plenty of content, in fact there are 65 levels of shooting action to get involved in. Players will make the best use of 35 unique weapons to terrorize over 20 different types of enemies, bosses and mini bosses. Weapons are upgradable so expect some uber cool power ups such as freeze bombs and cutter blades too.

One of the unique features of A Thug in Time is the use of No Death Animation, where each kill gets its unique physics based reaction. That means when players decapitate, burn, freeze, laser fire, shoot, or bomb enemies they will notice a different death pattern for each type of kill. And there’s simply no ignoring the game’s stunning graphics, courtesy, some cool advanced lighting techniques.

Here’s a quick run down of the game’s key features.

A Thug in Time: Key Features

  • 35 Types of upgradable weapons
  • Different types of kills: decapitate, freeze, burn, shoot, laser fire.
  • Plenty of power ups: fire bombs, freeze bombs and cutter blades
  • 65 levels set in four time periods: Viking-Age, Wild West, 1930’s Chicago and modern-day New York
  • 20 types of unique enemies, bosses and mini bosses
  • No death animations: Each kill has its own unique physics based reaction
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Plenty of gameplay hours

A Thug in Time is a big game, so ensure that you have your Wi-Fi on and at least 200MB of space before you hit the download button.

And the best news for fans. A Thug in Time is available for free. Get it from the Play Store now.

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