Destructamobile Teases Fans with Dramatic Gameplay Video for A Thug in Time

Murderers must be avenged. And there’s no escape for the bad guys even if they can travel through time.

Destructamobile’s debut title for mobiles, A Thug in Time portrays the story of a street thug named Kai, whose girlfriend is murdered by a mysterious time traveller. Kai sets out on a path of revenge, but realizes that there is much more at stake, including the future of humanity. He must now travel through time and bring back time crystals that will help save the earth and its inhabitants.

Don’t think too hard about the strange storyline though, because A Thug in Time is all about shooting and killing. With 35 different weapons and plenty of power ups to strengthen your arsenal, you will kill now and ask questions later. Check out Destructamobile’s slick new trailer and you’ll know what I mean.


These dramatic shooting scenes are set in gorgeously animated environments. If you watch closely, you’ll find that enemies don’t have a set dying pattern. This is because the developers have incorporated unique reaction based death sequences. Simply put, each enemy unit will die a different death based on whether he is decapitated, burned, frozen, lasered, shot, or bombed! Yoo, Hoo!

A Thug in time features over 65 levels of unique gameplay set in four different time periods, the Viking era, the Wild West, gangster-ridden 1930’s Chicago and modern day New York city. There’s not only plenty of content to lose yourself in, there are 20 types of enemies, 8 mini bosses and their bosses to defeat as well.

So when will you start your time travel journey? Thug in Time will hit the Play Store on July 16th for the awesome price of Free.

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