Get Ready to Save the World. RPG Heroes War Storms into the Play Store

Korean game developers Com2Us who brought you games like Brave Heroes and Tiny Farm have just released their heroic multiplayer RPG Heroes War on to the Play Store. In Heroes War, players get to control a group of heroes to save the world. The game revolves around the beautiful and mysterious Sylvia and the secret of Neostone.

Players can team with with other players and recruit some bizarre heroes including vampires and werewolves to solve the mystery of Neostone.  Each hero will carry a unique set of skills and the challenge for players is how well they can combine the various skills to win battles.

Com2Us have carefully segmented gameplay into smaller plots so that global audiences can understand the entire story line and play the game at greater leisure. Like most Asian games, the graphics are cartoony and highly artistic and carries a futuristic metal based soundtrack.

Here’s one more look at the top features of Heroes War before you hit the download button.

Key Features: Heroes War

  • Rich cartoon-styled graphics
  • Plenty of characters with special abilities
  • Simple controls
  • Play with friends or against them
  • Build teams of heroes and combine skills to win
  • Clear dungeons to win special gifts
  • Exclusive limited-time Dungeons
  • Collect special items when you beat friends

Heroes War is not just available in English, but is localized for German and French fans as well. What’s more, the game is available for free in the Play Store, so if you fancy a bit of sword play, download the game here.

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