FIFA 14 to Be Free-to-Play on Android

EA’s latest FIFA game, FIFA 14, is quickly approaching release on all platforms including Android. About two weeks ago I wrote a news article about the improved features that FIFA 14 is bringing to the table such as improved ball physics and a feature called pure shot. Well, now there is news that EA is making FIFA 14 a free-to-play experience for Android and other mobile devices. This really shouldn’t come as a shock due to recent EA decisions (such as the new Plants Vs. Zombies on iOS) although I know there is a lot of animosity for the freemium business model.

No news on how exactly EA plans to monetize FIFA 14 through the freemium model but I could easily see wait times between matches of which you can pay to skip, paying for characters/rosters and other features of that sort. Hopefully this won’t ruin the mobile experience as free-to-play type games tend to do. There is also no real news on an Android release date for FIFA 14 but speculation is that it’ll release near the time the home consoles do which would be around September 27th.

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