Diabolically Evil Dungeon Keeper Making a Comeback on Android this Winter

Remember the popular classic strategy game Dungeon Keeper that had you glued to your PCs in the late 90’s? The one where you unleashed the Horned Reaper to play havoc with other creatures? Well, if you didn’t pay attention to the game back then, you’ll be happy to learn that EA and Mythic studio are reviving the game on mobile.

EA made the announcement at its Gamescom Business Lounge today and hopes to have the game ready before the end of this year. For those not familiar with the game, Dungeon Keepers is a combination of strategy building and tower defense with explosive player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) gameplay.

Players will use the Hand of Evil or The Keeper to control a subterranean dungeon, build a series of rooms, traps and doors, and then command minions to attack and destroy invading heroes. In Dungeon Keeper, players get the unique chance to “play on the other side” as the evil guys. There are plenty of magic spells to make use of, tons of monsters and creatures to unleash, and a torture chamber to convert the goodly heroes to do your bidding.

Dungeon Keeper, like most EA games, will be free to play with IAPs. EA has been playing the Evil Bad Guys with their freemium games, so the question is, Are you prepared to overlook the fact for Dungeon keeper?

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