EA’s Heroes of Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper Gets a Soft Launch

Its been quite a while since EA announced the mobile version of its upcoming games Heroes of Dragon Age and Dungeon Keeper. The good news if you’ve been waiting for them is that they are both available on the Play Store; the not-so-good news: they are available in select countries around the world such as Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from both these games.

The first one, Heroes of Dragon Age is a card battling game where you collect characters from the Dragon Age universe such as dragons and giant golems, each with unique abilities and factions, build them up into the perfect squad and then see how your strategy plays out on the battlefield. The game’s got great 3D graphics with engaging quests and boss battles to get drawn into, but that’s mostly just strategizing from your end as your main focus in the game is only to build the best team of heroes there is.

The second game, Dungeon Keeper, is a tower defense game with strategic elements. You need to build a dungeon, complete with tunnels and traps and your armies of imps and trolls, and then invade other players’ dungeons (while defending yours) to dominate the underworld. The game has stunning characters art, explosive PvP and PvE play, and plenty of achievements to unlock.

Both games are available as freemium titles in the countries listed above. We will keep you posted when we get more information on the global launch.

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