Contain the Infection in Containment the Zombie Puzzler

You may have heard of the recently Google Play Indie Mega Sale going on starting today in which some indie games have had their price tags slashed! On the list is an interesting zombie puzzler called Containment The Zombie Puzzler in which the goal is to surround the zombies with survivors and blast them away!

There hasn’t been many straight zombie puzzle mobile games so Containment The Zombie Puzzler is a neat take on the genre void. The way it works is you have a grid of zombies and survivors (cops, soldiers, etc.) and you need to surround the zombies with four of the same type of survivor and then the zombie gets blown away and you get various powerups for doing so. So for instance if you surround them with cops you get a sniper shot, soldiers you get a grenade, etc. This mode of puzzling play is fairly unique and seems really fun to play. You will have to think fast though because as you know with zombies the infection is spreading quickly and soon your survivor units will be turned themselves.

Containment The Zombie Puzzler has a campaign mode which progresses the storyline and you’ll find yourself battling zombies in the weirdest of places (like a Renaissance Faire). Bootsnake Games (the developer) spices up gameplay with crazy boss battles that require you using all the tricks in the book. There is no time better than now to grab Containment The Zombie Puzzler from Google Play as it is only $0.99 (on sale form $4.99).

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