Clash of Clans Gets Another Update! Better Clan Management and More!

Clash of Clans, aka one of the most talked about mobile games this year, has had its fair share of updates, as it should. These updates bring new features, fix bugs and generally make an extremely popular game even more so. Now Clash of Clans has gotten yet another update and one that address clan management, abilities and spells.

In terms of clan management now the improvements come in the form of a new Co-Leader and adjusted Elder ranks. This is really just a general improvement to clan management and clearing headaches. The real change in Clash of Clans comes with the new hero abilities. These abilities can be unlocked at level 5 and offer up a boost or perk in one way or another. These also vary from hero to hero so play around and see which you like the most. There are also spells that are unlocked at higher levels. For instance, Minion level 6, Freeze Spell level 5, and more. So whether you are an avid Clash of Clans player or want to get in on the game, this update improves all!

User Reviews

Long build time

I played this game with Castle Clash simultaneously and i can say thet Clash of Clans build time is much longer. Other than that great gameplay and graphics.

Posted by kkndzone 8 years ago

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