Chillingo Unleashes Anomaly 2 with Reverse TDS and Other Exciting Features

After announcing the launch of the alien defense strategy game Anomaly 2 way back in August this year, Chillingo and 11 Bit Studios have finally launched the next installment in the popular Anomaly franchise. Anomaly 2 maintains many of the core concepts of the original such as the role of the commander in battles but adds plenty of exciting new stuff too.

For the uninitiated, the game is set in the year 2018 where Earth has been invaded by aliens who have almost eliminated mankind. The last of the survivors have grouped together in a convoy under the head of commander Yukon to hunt the cold frozen tundra for food and supplies and defend themselves against the alien machines.

In Anomaly 2 you can employ a new strategy by morphing your troops into war mechs and make use of the special abilities of each mech to overcome difficulties in combats. Another exciting feature is that for the first time, you can not only play tower defense you can even go offense. That means you can play as the alien towers and destroy mankind or play the humans and lead the attack against the towers. Also a new single player campaign offers a more intense strategy experience compared to the original. Since strategy plays a big role in the game, you can experience different endings to the game depending on how you decide to tackle the enemies.

11 Bit studios have also managed to up the presentation style with some amazing graphics and realistic special effects. Anomaly 2 has also been optimized for tablets, so simply choose your device, shell out $4.99 and the game is yours to enjoy.

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