ArtfulBits Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Its Evolutionary Tower Defense Game

Independent game developers ArtfulBits are building a unique tower defense game with an evolutionary concept. A game that will combine elements of classic tower defense with elements of other game genres. A game that will feature a single player mode as well as a cross-platform multiplayer mode. A game that will be playable on the PC, on an iOS device, as well as on the Android platform via a Unity web player. A game where players can choose to play the Hero and defend the Towers or play the Monsters and destroy enemies. A game with such a huge potential that it needs more resources to see it to completion.

And the reason why Kickstarter, the renowned fund raiser for creative projects that brought to life so many amazing ideas (including the Android gaming console Ouya) is offering their platform to help the developers fulfill that vision. ArtfulBits have invested plenty of hours in bringing the game to an alpha stage version. Going by the art work, screenshots and video teasers on display, it will be a shame to see any cutbacks or restrictions due to resource constraints. That’s why the team is looking for a whole lot of encouragement from your side. If you like what you see on their Kickstarter page, send in your pledges, join the community and spread the word through your social networks as well!

For a quick round up of what you can expect with this new Towers. Evolutionary game, here’s a feature list.

Features of Towers. Evolutionary Game (Kickstarter)

  • Dual Roles: Play to Defend or Play to Destroy
  • Unique Spells: Grey Runes, Human Runes & Elemental Runes
  • Specialization: Unique specializations including Tower, Magical and Neutral.
  • Single Player and cross-platform Multiplayer Campaigns
  • Alternative Game Modes: Standard, Bonus, Rating, Totalizer, & Tournament.

Kickstarter Goals

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