Best of August 2013

Autumn is coming and except boring cliché about falling leaves, there is a good side because Fall is premier season for game publishers. Remember reading our news and seeing many games that will be published by the end of the year? That time will soon be upon us. Meanwhile, here is the quick view of what was published in August.

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19. Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots modernizes tile-connecting classics like Bejeweled into a minimalist, beautiful, addictive game. - Mihir Patkar

The beautiful and addictive hit game Dots is now available on Android phones and tablets!

18. Mecho Wars

Mecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantastic world.

16. Dragon & Shoemaker

Dragon & Shoemaker is a challenging and extremely addictive 3D side-scrolling platform game, based on one of the most popular Polish legends about Shoemaker and the evil Dragon.

15. Building the China Wall

With its unique gameplay and full-featured demo (as opposed to freemium content), Building the China Wall is sure to surprise unsuspecting mobile gamers. - Evan Wade

Embark on an epic journey across the Chinese Empire and take charge of building the greatest structure known to mankind – The Great Wall of China – in this addictive time management game.

14. Maniac Manors

Okay graphics, but a spooky soundtrack in Maniac Manors - a thrilling point & click puzzle game. - Dean Sherwin

Explore an intriguing manor in which you will make your way by solving puzzles, interacting with objects and environment, and investigating his shady past.


The latest game from the PROFESSOR LAYTON adventure game series that has shipped over 15 million units worldwide!

12. Geometry Dash

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rythm-based action platformer!

11. CastleMine

CastleMine is a vertical addition to the over-saturated tower defense genre in which you dig the path by which you'll be attacked. - Jason Stengren

Defend your castle from the evils that lurk below in this unique strategy game!

10. Delta-V Racing

Snake your way through the galaxy’s finest race tracks, and charge to victory in some of the coolest ships known to man.

7. Little Galaxy

Little Galaxy is a simple but deep beautiful space game all about planet hop scotch. - Robert Clark

Little Galaxy is a game inspired by a real story of a young scientist, who reached out for his dream to find a new home.

5. He-Man: The Most Powerful Game

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game gets it just right in mixing fond nostalgia and modern gaming. - Mihir Patkar

Play as He-Man, the man so manly they had to name him twice! Defend the secrets of Castle Grayskull against the evil forces of Skeletor!

2. Contra: Evolution

All the 2D run-and-gun action of the 1988 original with updated graphics make this a must-have for platformer fans. - Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Contra: Evolution is the first official Contra game for Google Play, bringing all of the run-and-gun action of the 1988 original with 21st century graphics and controls to the palm of your hands.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

A fast-paced driving title with awesome graphics and a stunning environment. Go Gameloft! - Dean Sherwin

The best Android arcade racing game series reaches a new turning point! Perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience powered by a brand-new physics engine!

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